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I miss you so much. I miss your warmth. Holding you in my arms while… - Courtney [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Mar. 1st, 2005|09:56 am]
I miss you so much. I miss your warmth. Holding you in my arms while I'm falling asleep. I miss feeling your breath on my neck. Hope your having fun on your cruise baby. <3<3<3

Today was intersesting.

I worked with my brother...got paid...hehe...saw the blonde girl from Better Than Chocolate shopping in the grocery store with my brother. I said "Gregg, she looks really familiar, who is she?" He looked and he said "Oh, Cristina Lecox (or something like that), we passed on her a couple years ago right after she did this movie Better Than Chocolate, she was too dykey." I fucking flipped my shit "WHAT???????" "Knock knock Gregg, you KNOW Im a lesbian, why wouldn't you think that I've only watched that movie like twice a week for the past three years?" Anyways...she was beautiful, smoking hot!!! She was wearing exercise clothes, really tight and her cleavage was sticking right out of her sports bra. She has the best body, six pack abs, nice big tight ass, big tits. Her face...even more beautiful than in the movie. When she wasn't looking I was like staring. Ok...I've been coming here for years, I'm not star-struck anymore. Everyone takes a shit or two. But I was amazed when I saw her. Ahhhhhh.... :)

Then...drama. I salvaged what I could. I'm not flipping super woman. I try, but I'm not. People will think what they want. I can just be the best person I can be for me. I can't be someone else's idea of the best person. Whatever. I won't stoop to that level. I don't talk shit about other people like that. AND I don't sit around a computer intentionally trying to hurt anyone. It's not cool. I'm done with it.

The reality is...I will be gone soon, those of you that are excited about that will get what you want soon enough. I'll miss my girls...I'll miss my true friends sooooo...much. Thanks for sticking by me. You'll always have a place with me in LA and in my heart.

I think that's all there is for today.

[User Picture]From: nearly_born
2005-03-02 10:06 am (UTC)
someone told me i looked like her once.
i think they were blind.

come home, damnit.
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